MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2001 a short-term missions team from Montana traveled into Eastern Europe.  The team experienced first hand some life changing encounters, which exposed them to the hardships and realities many people of the world face on a daily basis.  Upon returning to the United States, Provision International was established.  Under the leadership of one man’s vision, Dick Larson, shored up by the valiant prayers and support of his wife, Anita, Provision International became a reality.  Dick and his team began to gather donations of medical equipment from hospitals and facilities throughout the United States.  The equipment was then palletized and shipped in containers to medical facilities in depressed countries.  As Dick traveled, the Lord impressed upon him the great demand, not only for medical teams and supplies, but also for the plight of the world’s homeless…and for the desperately poor and hungry.  As a result, Provision International became a vital ministry of worldwide outreach to bring hope to many of our world’s downtrodden people.

Lance Lanning was introduced to the work of Provision International in 2004.  Already involved in ministry, Lance was moved by Dick’s sacrificial heart and concern for people living in areas of great need.  Lance had previously traveled to Slovakia and was aware of some of the needs in Eastern Europe.

Lance returned to Slovakia in the spring of 2004, joining members of a missions team that he had worked with on his previous trip.  It was there that he met Miška Magdadiova, a Slovakian native, who served as a translator.  This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship resulting in their marriage in Slovakia in 2005.  On behalf of Provision International, Lance and Miška Lanning traveled to Macedonia and Moldova, to assess needs and establish ground people, thus implementing the arrival of resources and teams of volunteers.

IMG_1880As Lance and Miška ministered in different countries, God planted a deep desire within them to see lives changed throughout the world, especially  in places of great need.

In 2011 Dick felt that it was time to “pass the torch”.  He asked Lance and Miška to assume the leadership role of Provision International.  In the spring of 2011 the transition was made. After prayerful consideration, they accepted the invitation to lead this vital ministry.  Today, Lance and Miška continue to oversee and guide all facets of Provision International.