Feeding the hungry

Countless numbers of people awaken to the dawn of a new day with gnawing hunger. Sadder still, for many of these same people, their hunger isn’t satisfied at the close of the day. Babies, little children, families, the elderly… it is a goal of Provision International to help eradicate hunger.

Clothing the poor

While many people have closets full of clothing items and numerous pairs of shoes, a large number of the world’s populace are in great need of suitable clothing. In some world areas, to own a pair of shoes is a great treasure. Provision International strives to provide clothing items to needy people around the world.


Food, water, shelter, clothing… all are basic needs that people must have in order to survive. To live life beyond the basic survival mode, everyone, regardless of age, needs expressions of love from other people. Provision International exists to express God’s love to people through compassionate outreach… ONE LIFE AT A TIME.