In Slovakia, in Dubnica and Sabinov,  our team worked to improve the conditions of the local church which has become such a tremendous outreach to the Roma community.  Along with  Pastor Igor and Pastor Rinaldo we took part in building projects, outreaches, feeding programs and school ministry. To join with these beautiful people and worship the Lord in the sanctuary that Provision International and our generous supporters have helped provide,  is something our team will never forget.

In El Salvador we joined with Kenton Moody, the local missionary who lives among the poor and works tirelessly to give them the hope of Jesus as well as improving their education and living conditions.  On one of our trips, the team had not only raised the funds to go, but also enough money to build several homes!  What a tremendous gift they gave and were able to participate in through their desire and willingness to serve others.

It is always a joy to lead these trips and witness what the Lord does in the hearts of the team members as well as the people we go to minister to. We are so blessed in the USA, that it is hard for us to really understand the degree of poverty and oppression that exists in third world countries.  To be a part of sharing the love of Jesus and making a difference in the lives of these precious people is very humbling indeed.

If you are interested in joining a missions trip, please email, or contact us online here for more information.



For more information please email, or contact us online here.