Drought in Uganda

Much of Provision International’s work abroad is done in conjunction with the people we work with on the ground. They communicate a need or problem, and we work together to assist them in whatever way appropriate for the situation. However, sometimes God just puts things in front of us, which we cannot ignore.

Pastor Paddy shared that many people are dying of hunger because of a ten-month drought in Uganda. The following are a few excerpts from his emails describing the situation:

Brother Lance, Calvary Greetings from Africa 

“This is in regards with the request for support to be able to deliver Food Relief to some people who are dying from hunger. People have been feeding on insects, tree leaves, and anything they can come by. Some areas people are eating termites and younger mangoes so my Brother the situation is not 

well at all. I sent one of our Pastors to one of 

the most affected areas to assess the situation 

and work with security how to help the elderly and widows with children so that by God’s help we take more aid on Monday. I will be leading that team on Monday to one of the most affected villages and we are trusting God to feed at least 500 homesteads. Each home will receive corn flour worth $10 (US dollars), which is $5,000. The need is too much but it is my humble request for any support if it is possible. God bless you, Sir.” 

Pastor Paddy 

There have been many suicides. One Ugandan mother became so desperate that she hung herself from a tree because she couldn’t feed her starving children.

Provision International sent $5,000 to Pastor Paddy and we received

this reply:

“Thank you so much, sir, for the donation toward feeding these people. More than 600 homesteads were given food (corn flour). The need is overwhelming but we thank God for the support. God bless you, Sir.” 

Pastor Paddy 

Having just finished our Thanksgiving celebration where our tables were laden with many scrumptious varieties of food, it is hard to imagine meals of corn flour. However, for these 600 starving Ugandan households, death from starvation was averted. We cannot help everyone, but we can help the ones God places in our pathway. Pastor Paddy is feeding them both physically and spiritually. He understands that we can have all the food in the world, but if we don’t have Jesus, we have nothing!

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