Striving to fulfill one of our mission statements of feeding the world’s hungry, Provision International ships containers of food worldwide.  We counsel with people on site to assess and attend to the most critical needs.  We have shipped containers of peas and other crops, which were donated by Montana farmers, to multiple countries such as Haiti and El Salvador.

In keeping with our goal to clothe the poor, we ship containers of shoes, clothing, and blankets.  Provision International mission teams also carry goods to the mission field.

Provision International is acutely aware of the many medical needs of our world’s impoverished people.  Aid comes in a variety of forms including medical teams comprised of doctors and dentists, as well as medical supplies.  We have shipped vitamins to Gypsy children in Central and Eastern Europe.  Vitamins, along with baby formula, powdered milk, and nutritional supplements, are valued commodities in hard pressed areas where many suffer from malnutrition.

Provision International partners with our friends around the world assisting them in whatever is an imminent need.  We have been involved in building schools, clinics, orphanages, worship centers, safe houses for exploited women, pouring concrete, improving sanitation facilities, drilling water wells, constructing simple homes for minimal shelter, and even helping establish a butterfly conservatory in Central America to aid in generating sustainable income for a village.  Our teams have installed windows, doors, solar panels, as well as completing painting, plumbing, and electrical projects.