“There is more hunger in the world for love and to be appreciated

than there is for bread.”  —  Mother Teresa

Why do we go?  Because it is hard to adequately love and touch someone long distance.

The poor, who are they?  Children who are malnourished and are struggling to stay in school; single moms (87% of mothers in El Salvador are single mothers); families who live in squatter communities consisting of homes made of black plastic and cardboard with no electricity, potable water, or latrines; men and women who work hard to make $1-$4 a day, which is hand-to-mouth existence.

“Poverty is the ruin of the poor”  — Proverbs 10:15.

MissionsTrips1It is one thing to be poor economically; it is another to be poor emotionally, spiritually, and physically with no remedy.  We’re doing our best to see transformational change both physically and spiritually through self-sustainable solutions.

There is no substitute for touching, tasting, feeling, walking, hearing, and seeing the need first hand.

Provision International’s focus is to collaborate with dedicated servants, who have a God given vision for the areas they have been called to serve in. It is in this joining of our God given gifts, talents and resources that we fulfill the mission of Provision International.

One such example of the missionaries we partner with is Kenton Moody in El Salvador. His leadership and integrity is second to none. He has the calling, focus, and work ethic that sets the standard for all who participate in the El Salvador missions’ outreach. Through the generous contributions of our supporters, we have been privileged to ship many containers filled with food, clothing, blankets, shoes, medical equipment, educational supplies, and construction equipment that are distributed in El Salvador. Mission teams help build schools and homes that improve the quality of life and provide hope for the future of El Salvadorans.

Provision International offers short-term mission trips providing interested parties the opportunity to go and serve.  Groups are led to Provision International field destinations where we already have contact people on the ground who have assessed the on site needs.  Opportunities are available to join one of our organized trips.  Duration of a short-term missions trip varies from seven to fourteen days on average.  We accommodate small to large teams depending on the need assessment of the focus area.  Some who accept the challenge to go are equipped to build.  Some share their sweat and physical stamina to help clear land, unload shipping containers, or distribute food and supplies.  We go to change lives…but return with our own lives forever changed, as we reap the personal reward that comes from serving others.



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