Missions Teams from Provision International have observed first hand people who lack adequate clothing.  In 2013 while on a missions trip building a school in El Salvador, a young village girl that was running around the job site, stepped on a piece of rebar jabbing it through her bare foot.  As a result of this accident, God laid on Lance’s heart the need to collect shoes.  Working in his garage one night and seeing several pairs of shoes by the door that were not being worn for one reason or another, Lance realized that used shoes could be a blessing to someone with no shoes.  With one quick sweep through his house he had over twenty pairs to donate.  Word quickly spread to family and friends, which led to hundreds of pairs being collected.  This has resulted in an outreach project coined “SHARE-A-PAIR”.  To date thousands have been blessed throughout the world with footwear.

Living in America, it is hard to imagine that there are actually people in the world who do not have even one pair of shoes.  In some countries a few have footwear that may not fit properly.  When their shoes fall completely apart, these people are hard pressed to replace them.  The lack of footwear raises the risk of injury and disease.  It is especially heart breaking to see small children running around barefoot or without suitable shoes.  We ship shoes, and teams conduct shoe fittings and distributions.  It is a humbling experience to place shoes on feet that may have never walked in a pair of shoes.