We have received crops of peas, beans, lentils and rice which were shipped abroad, as well as onions and potatoes used to feed homeless people in the United States.

Whether it is by the direct shipment of donated farm produce or by proceeds generated from the sale of farm products and livestock, we are able to fulfill God’s command to take care of the poor and hungry.


In regions where people have none or very limited options for transportation, a bicycle is instrumental. Contrary to our use of bicycles for recreation or exercise, a bicycle in economically depressed countries becomes the mode of transportation enabling people to do day to day activities. With a bike they are able to find jobs they otherwise couldn’t get, feed and provide for their families, and reach medical facilities. A bike also makes a way for pastors to pastor multiple churches.


Provision International is the recipient of many new clothing items, blankets, and shoes. Boxes of clothing, blankets and shoes are sorted, palletized, and shipped to various parts of the world.


Having the proper equipment on site enables jobs to be completed efficiently within a limited time frame. For example, a chain saw can save days of labor when cutting down trees that would have required countless hours with a machete. We have shipped machinery such as a Bobcat with attachments that are being used to build schools, homes, churches, etc.


Donated generators as well as those purchased by Provision International are vital on the mission field where there is a lack of electrical power sources. Generators enable our mission teams to use power tools in constructing homes, schools and clinics. Generators are also used as a backup source of energy for hospitals, schools and other buildings where power is limited.


Montana hospitals as well as other hospitals from around our region continue to donate used medical equipment to Provision International. Used Medical equipment and supplies become treasures when shipped by Provision International to hard pressed areas abroad.


Local school districts have donated desks, tables, chairs, computers, file cabinets, etc. These items are being utilized in both old and newly constructed schools.


We ship thousands of new toys each year. Many of the children that receive one of these gifts have never had a toy to play with.