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One life at a time

“We really just walk through open doors. We see a need, God connects us with the right people and we do anything He asks. In the last 20 years, God has given us opportunities all over the globe to share the gospel, build schools, dig wells, fill hungry bellies, share our shoes and probably a thousand other little things, too. Join us and witness first-hand God’s Provision for the nation!” 

Lance Lanning

Global impact

how we are at work

It all started with a mission trip to Eastern Europe. While there, we saw so many people desperately needing medical help, and we knew God could provide. We got home and the idea of collecting medical equipment from local hospitals was born. Since then we have been shipping food, clothes and goods all over the world.






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Invest in the Nations

Get involved. Your giving makes a difference. 

Find a need and fill it, find a heart and heal it


One of the greatest things we can ever do in life is help another person along life’s way. Jesus didn’t come to be served, He came to serve. Serving is quite often a prelude to evangelism. The very heart of Provision International is to wash the feet of the people God puts in our pathway. 

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We go to change lives, we return with our lives forever changed!

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