Provision International is providing water to people that don’t have any. Bringing water to a community is vital for health and safety. The wells drilled and constructed are providing opportunities for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and many are turning to God because of this endeavor. The water situation in many parts of world is very bad. Most of the wells are developed in some of the poorest villages and many of these settlements fetch water from ponds that began as small holes, and as time passes by, they go on enlarging. This can be very dangerous and numerous children have lost their lives. While working on one of the projects, we witnessed a heartbreaking water crisis in which a family lost a nine-year old girl who drowned looking for water in a pond.   The wells are permanent, needing only minor repairs after a long period of time. The water from the constructed wells is very clean due to the stages of purification it undergoes in being filtered.  

 “Calvary greetings from Africa! We glorify the Lord for all He is doing through you. Thank you for the construction of wells for the villages. It was such a joy to witness the new life and smiles the Lord has brought upon these villages. We extend our heart appreciation for the love and care!”

– Pastor Paddy, Uganda

“Spring up, oh well, at the Open Door Church! We don’t have potable water and spend hundreds of dollars buying water for the Center of Hope, Clinic, and Church. Thanks to God and Provision International we are drilling a well for a long term solution.”

Kenton, El Salvador