Living in America, it is hard to imagine that there are actually people in the world who do not have even one pair of shoes. It was in 2012, a team of men from Montana were building the Hosanna School in Santa Ana, El Salvador, when a little girl named Ana Christina stepped on a piece of rebar that went through her foot. Had she had any shoes on it could have been prevented. We started Share-A-Pair right after that trip. Since then we have shipped thousands of pairs of used shoes and some new ones, too around the world. 

We are seeking donations of footwear for people of all ages. The shoes do not need to be new, but we do request that they be in usable condition. If you have shoes that you no longer wear, or like many of us, have forgotten them in your closets, would you consider making a donation?

Shoe Drive

Drop off your used shoes

Please consider doing a shoe drive in your community. Every pair of shoes touches a life. 


We have a saying, “I sure wouldn’t want to walk in his shoes!” Let’s turn that around, and take it literally. Many people would love to walk in any pair of our shoes!

Lance Lanning